Prayer Ministry :: Grace Baptist Church

Prayer Ministry

Our motto at Grace is: 

A House of Prayer Reaching Homes for Christ.

This is more than a motto at Grace - it is our passion! We seek to live out our motto in the following ways:

  • Sunday Morning Prayer Launch - 8:30 a.m. at GBC
  • Life Group Prayer - Various locations throughout the week
  • Men’s Saturday Morning Prayer Meeting - 8:00 a.m. at GBC
  • Men’s Prayer Advance - Once a year in fellowship with other metro churches
  • Prayer Partners and Accountability Partners – Meeting weekly 

Join Us For a Service

Sunday Morning Worship Service @ 9:30 am, Sunday Adult Bible Study Hour @ 11 am, Children's Sunday School @ 11 am, Sunday Evening Hispanic Service @ 5 pm, Sunday Evening Service @ 5 pm, Sunday Night Youth Group @ 5 pm

We were all once dead in our sins and estranged from our Creator God. The Gospel is the good news of reconciliation, the promise of hope, forgiveness and

Eternal Life in Christ.
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